Did you know Charles Darwin the legend once visited Cape Verde. He almost spent 21 days in the islands. Christopher Columbus also visited the island of Boa Vista in 1498. And Vasco da Gama visited Santiago in 1497.

Cape Verde or Cabo Verde, officially the Republic of Cabo Verde, is an island country in the central Atlantic Ocean. It was an uninhabited island which was first discovered and colonized by the Portuguese in the 15thcentury.  The name of the islands originates from the Cap-Vert peninsula in West Africa. it lies in Western Africa, west of Senegal, and is a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Blessed with one of Africa’s most stable democratic governments, the nation’s expatriate population is greater than its domestic population because of the repeated droughts that the country experienced during the second half of the 20thcentury leading to the heavy emigration of the local population. Cabo Verdeans have moved to other countries including US, Europe, Africa, and South America.

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