Our Chief Explorer has come up with some great ideas on how to stay cool while on a cruise and also what to expect in our upcoming Cruise to Cool-Off Edition 004 this August. It is important to stay cool and refreshed at all times during a cruise especially when it’s your first time after the lockdown and global pandemic being witness around the world

  1. The first thing you think of when wanting to stay cool is of course ensuring you wear your mask and keep physical distance as much as possible. Remember you can keep physical distance and still connect socially with other cruisers
  2. Consider coming dressed in your casual wears to enjoy the music, games and networking that will take place in a healthy and safe environment. You can also use your shade, cap, hat, casual bag with your camera and smartphone handy, ready to make and capture beautiful memories.
  3. In a 100% luxury yatch cruise with barbecue, drinks and souvenir, keep your expectations high for that top-of-the-world feeling. You might as well whet your appetite for some tasty treats.
  4. To make the most of the cruise, ensure you’re as timely as possible. We want you to have an immersive experience from the start of the cruise to finish.

Those are just a few ideas which we’ve shared with you. If you have any cool ideas of your own, post as comments to help other Clearview cruisers have a great time.

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