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T17/18 Tejuosho shopping complex phase2, Yaba, Lagos.

014538395 & 08035994119

Terms and Conditions

• Deposit for any travel plan made to Clearview Travels account is non-refundable and non-transferable. • In the advent of refund, by the company due to logistics, no interest will be paid on the deposit. Payment on installment should be made at the agreed date between prospective traveler and Clearview Travels else charges for lateness are incurred which vary depending on the circumstances involved. • Management of Clearview Travels should be notified before and after any payment is made by prospective traveler and get clearance for the acknowledgement of such in due time failing which implies non-payment by such prospective traveler. • Clearview Travels will not be liable for any failed transfer from a prospective traveler. • Prospective traveler(s) is/are advised to adhere strictly to the instructions as will be given by the management of Clearview Travels and the partnering airline service provider before and during the travel. • This does not preclude the fact that all travelers are expected to be in the best behavior at every time during the subsistence of the tours. • In the event that any traveler during the subsistence of the trip attempts or conspire with any other traveler to abscond and is caught or apprehended, the company will have no other option other than hand over such traveler(s) to Police who will then execute due justice as is saddled on them on such traveler(s). • Any traveler(s) caught or apprehended by virtue of the above will undoubtedly bear the risks of his/her /their untoward and seemingly criminal action. • Clearview Travels will be responsible for the travelers only in the tours (specified on the advert), accommodation for the number of days as specified on the advert, breakfast on daily basis and airport transfers as any other expenses are strictly borne by the travelers. • Every traveler is therefore advised to comply with the laws guiding each trip to make it enjoyable for every passenger.